Building relationships has always been difficult for me. As someone who has experienced several forms of rejection, I often feel inadequate within most social interactions. I’m also sensitive to the ways my mental health impacts my ability to thrive in friendships. These insecurities often create a false need to please…

Via: Alex Elle

Feelings of selfishness are fascinating to me mostly because it produces actions that aren’t parallel to any of my core beliefs. I have intentionally created life and work experiences centered around an ability to serve and advocate for others. I value my capacity to identify needs within communities and solutions…

This is an all-over-the-place list of thoughts and lessons I’ve learned over this past year.

  • There are times when you may express gratitude for a moment that you are genuinely grateful for. That gratitude may not be believed as “enough”. It is not my job to convince people that I’m grateful for them. …

Kisha S.

Writer by night. Idealistic nonprofit worker by day. |Email~ |

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